Who 's that Girl

Gepubliceerd op 5 november 2023 om 10:38
The language of loveSlips from my lover's tongueCooler than ice creamAnd warmer than the sunDumb hearts get brokenJust like china cupsThe language of loveHas left me broken on the rocks
But there's just one thing(Just one thing)But there's just one thingAnd I really wanna know
Who's that girlRunning around with you?Tell meWho's that girlRunning around with you?
The language of loveHas left me stony grayTongue tied and twistedAt the price I've had to payYour careless notionsHave silenced these emotionsLook at all the foolishnessYour lover's talk has done


Why 's this Girl?!

©Tante Annie Lennox

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